Mountain Bike Trip to Khovsgol Lake
(14 days)

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Detailed description


Uran-Togoo Tulga Uul Natural Reserve, Bulgan

Following a delicious breakfast, we will depart in our vehicles for the countryside. The extinct volcano of Uran Uu is located 500 kilometers west of the capital city.

Uran Uul and nearby Togoo Uul, located 60 kilometers west of Bulgan city, are now part of the 1600-hectare Uran-Togoo Tulga Uul Natural Reserve in the Khutag-Ondor sum (district).

The west side of the volcano has trails that lead to the summit.  There are some pleasant accessible camping sites available, as well as a breathtaking view.

A crater, 500 to 600 meters wide and 50 meters deep, sits atop the extinct volcano, filled with a shallow “crater lake” about 20 meters in diameter.

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Moron Town

After breakfast, we’ll travel further west and north to Moron, the provincial capital of Khovsgol.But first, we’ll visit the Uushgiin Uvur deer stone complex before continuing on to the province city. 

Once in the city, we’ll stop at a nearby market to stock up on supplies and enjoy the comforts of a hotel and a restaurant meal before heading to the wilderness the next day.

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Sumber settlement

We’ll start driving north after breakfast. We will arrive in Sumber village early in the afternoon, where our cycling tour will begin.

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Toom settlement

Today we begin our seven-day cycling expedition in the remote Tsaatan and reindeer area. We will arrive in the small village of Toom after a full day of cycling.

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Cycling to Oliin Davaa, Ulaan Uul village

We’ll go north, crossing the Oliin Davaa Pass. There we will set up camp near Ulaan-Uul village. 

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Soyo settlement

We’ve finally arrived at the Darkhadiin Khotgor Depression. The depression, which was once a glacial lake, is surrounded on all sides by high mountains. Their heights exceed nearly 3.000 meters in height. Fun fact: Over 150 alpine lakes can be found in the depression.

We’ll continue north to Soyo village, where we’ll set up camp along the banks of the Khog River. Another interesting fact:  its seas are home to a plethora of lenok and grayling.

(Tented Camp, B, L, D)


Rest day

We’re taking a day off today. Fishing is available to those who are interested. Dont forget to bring your fishing equipment. The lake and rivers are home to over a dozen fish species such as, Sturgeon, grayling, lennok, salmon, taimon. 

(Tented Camp, B, L, D)

Cycling Mongolia
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We will spend the next three days exploring the alpine lakes area. The Mongolian minor ethnic group known as Tsaatan or Dukha, one of the world’s last remaining reindeer herders, lives in this remote and wild area.

Shamanism, an ancient spiritual tradition focused on nature worship, guides their peculiar way of life, which is centered and arranged around reindeer.

We will have the opportunity to visit the Tsaatan tribe and learn about their culture and the impact of Shamanism on their everyday lives. On the final day, we’ll set up camp near Renchinlkhumbe village. 

(Tented Camp, B, L, D)

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Drive to Khovsgol Lake

We’ll be leaving the Darkhadiin Khotgor Depression today and heading towards Khovsgol Lake. We can take a short cut straight through the mountains or a long detour, depending on the weather and road conditions.

We’ll arrive at Mongolian Blue Pearl, a breathtakingly beautiful lake.

Khovsgol Lake is a massive alpine lake with a surface area of 2760 square kilometers (130 km long and 30 km wide), surrounded by mountain chains, dense pine forests, and green meadows with grazing yaks and horses. The lake receives crystal clear water from over 100 small rivers and streams.

Around 1.5 percent of the world’s fresh water is stored in the lake. 

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Cycling around lake shore

We’ll spend the whole day exploring the lakeshore and mountains surrounding it. Horseback riding, visiting reindeer families, hiking, and boat trip will be available to those who are interested.

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Drive to Moron

Take advantage of your last morning in the Mongolian wilderness. We’ll travel to Moron, the capital of Khovsgol province, after lunch to catch our flight to Ulaanbaatar the next day.

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Flight to Ulaanbaatar

The time has come to leave and fly back to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia’s capital. You can use your free afternoon to see as you fit. You could always go see the lovely cultural show and admire the contortionists while watching colorful and rhythmic Mongolian dances. 

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