Cycle to Gorkhi - Terelj National Park
(4 days)

Cycling in Mongolian Prairie
Cycling in Mountain
Cycle to Gorkhi - Terelj National Park
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Detailed description


Gorkhi-Terelj National Park & Khentii Mountains

In the morning we will head east of UB, reaching Khentii Mountains after a 2-hour drive, where the landscape consists of green, forested hillsides, and spectacular granite cliffs. Many nomads live in this area, and you can see yaks, sheep, goats and horses grazing in this peaceful valley. Some sightseeing visit at Terelj national park is ahead of us. Our first stop will be will be the Genghis Khan Monument. The Genghis Khan Monument is a vast aluminium monument of Genghis Khan on his horse. It’s possible to climb to the top of the monument from where you have a gear view of the surrounding area.

Turtle rock and Aryaval Monastery, small meditation monastery at the foot of mountain. Further down at the exit of park we will visit the 100 monks’ cave, during the purge of Stalinism about 100 monks were hiding in this small cave from persecution.

By lunch time we will arrive at a local family, where we will start cycling through lush meadows for a couple of hours towards the Tuul River valley, where we will set up our first camp. Then, we will have dinner on the Tuul River bank.

(Tented Camp L, D)

Terelj National Park
Cycle to Gorkhi - Terelj National Park

Cycling to Gunjiin Sum, Temple

Gunjiin Sum or Princess Monastery is surrounded by magnificent forest of Khentii mountain range. King of one of four Mongolian aymags in the 18th century, Dovdondorj was married to a princess of Manchurian King Enkh-Amgalan in 1697. When the princess died after long happy marriage, Dovdondorj king had special temple built at about 100km from current Ulaanbaatar and buried her under the temple. The temple is valuable architectural and cultural heritage of 18th century Mongolia.Surrounded by magnificent forest this was once huge monastery built in the 18th century by Mongolian lord in a memory of his wife. Today, only the main temple and some of the wall remains.

(Tented Camp B, L, D) 

Cycling in Mongolian Prairie

Cycling in Khentii Mountain Range

Today we will further explore the beauty of the place on mountain bikes. Our journey will take us through deep valleys in mountains: lush, green abundant with wild flowers and plants. The valleys surrounded by high, densely forested mountains and rocky formation of erosion. We will cycle through a magic combination of forested hills, granite formations and broad fertile valleys dotted with scattered Gers. To complete the perfection of nature many Gers of nomads peacefully minding their business taking care of their livestock.

(Tented Camp B, L, D) 

Cycling Across River

Drive back to Ulaanbaatar

After breakfast we will be heading to Ulaanbaatar. Our team will take you to your hotel. Enjoy your free afternoon and evening. You might check the beautiful cultural show enjoy the colourful and rhythmic Mongolian dance, throat singing and admire & contortionists.

(B, L) 

Genghis Khan Statue