These days we think we know a little about Mongolia, but the truth is much more interesting. This enormous country is confident, resource-rich, extraordinarily beautiful and deeply rooted in Nomadic culture. The country hosts an interesting but strange culture mixture of Buddhism, Shamanism, Communism and Democracy. None of the countries from Central Asian region can boast with such abundance of unusual picturesque natural places as Mongolia. Eye-pleasing succulent green plains, which, for centuries, have been serving as live-stock pastures to local nomads offer a tired traveler a rest where one can admire picturesque lakes, crystal clear torrents, glacier-topped high mountains, singing sand dunes, charming mysterious gorges and caves, quaintly cut by time and foul weather.



  • ☑ Camera/Charger/Extra memory card– There will be a lot of photo opportunities
  • ☑ Head torch
  • ☑ Day pack – useful during excursion
  • ☑ First aid-kit

Personal Equipment

  • ☑ Camera/Charger/Extra memory card– There will be a lot of photo opportunities
  • ☑ Head torch
  • ☑ Day pack – useful during excursion
  • ☑ First aid-kit
  • ☑ Watch/Alarm
  • ☑ Money belt
  • ☑ Reusable bottle water
  • ☑ Waterproof backpack cover
  • ☑ Towels (small and big during camel ride) In Ger camps towels are provided.


Mongolian is a windy country especially in spring. When wind blows from north, temperature can dropsharply, when wind stops the wheatear warms up quickly. Even in high summer depending on which regionyou are in you might need all season clothes. One minute you walk in T shirt and sandals next you might need coat and boots.



Laundry service is widely offered among most of the hotels we work with and some of the Ger camps we stay.


Price is different in different areas, it costs depending how many pieces and how big your clothes are.

  • ☑ Sun Block Cream – We have a dry and strong wind in most part of Mongolia.
  • ☑ Insect Repellent – Morning and evenings are time for mosquito and flies. None of those insects are dangerous but it is not good to get bitten.
  • ☑ Hand sanitizer – Some parts of the itinerary has no regular toilets especially in the middle of the Gobi Desert
  • ☑ Lip balm – Dry weather
  • ☑ Soap/Toothpaste – You may buy them in local grocery shops.

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