International flights land in Chingiss Khaan Airport of Ulaanbaatar. There are several major frequent flights such as Beijing to UB, Seoul – UB, Moscow – UB, Bishkek/Istanbul – UB and Tokyo – UB, Moscow -Ulaanbaatar, Berlin – Ulaanbaatar and Frankfurt – Ulaanbaatar. Major air companies are: MIAT, AEROFLOT, TURKSIH AIRLINE, KOREAN AIRLINE, and AIR CHINA.  All the flight are operated due to seasonal schedule. *Mongolian Airlines  *Korean Air  *Turkish Airlines  *Aeroflot  *Air China



Mongolia is a huge country with limited infrastructure outside of capital city Ulaanbaatar. There are regular daily buses in and out capital city to aimag centres (province towns). Any public bus and transport cannot bring you to worth sightseeing places and major attraction spots. Organised transport is the only way to get to beautiful places.

We do rent following vehicles. It might seem not too important but choosing a convenient vehicle for your comfort and budget is essential on overland tour. We see our vehicles as part of our family.

Land Cruisers have 4 passenger seats. Comfortable on our bumpy road, forward facing seats equipped with seat belts and has air condition and plenty space for luggage in trunk and on roof track.

Delica. Japanese 4X4 van. Delicas have 5 passenger seats. Comfortable on our bumpy road, bit slower on off-road than Land Cruisers. Forward facing seats equipped with seat belts and has air condition. Panoramic view windows. Having not much space in trunk, luggage mostly put on roof rack.

Furgon. Russian military van. Furgons have 7 passenger seats. Mostly forward facing seats. It has plenty space. Furgons have no air condition and not equipped with seat belts. If you are in group and looking for adventure on tight budget it might be a good solution. Excellent vehicle on rough off-road condition. However less comfortable than Land Cruisers and Delicas.


While in the countryside you can have three different types of accommodation.

Ger camps.
Gers are the traditional felt tents of nomadic herders.
Each Ger is furnished with a wood stove and beautifully painted furniture such as beds, a table and stools. Gers are mostly based on double or twin occupancy. Ger camps have separate buildings with flushed toilet and hot water. Men and women separated.

Family staying.
Most visitors find their stay in Gers, which provide an authentic taste of Mongolian culture and adventure, their most enjoyable experience in Mongolia. Many local nomad herders build extra Guest – Gers to next to theirs and welcome guests. However facilities stay limited and restricted. There will be no shower and flushed toilets.

Tented camping.
Each time we will travel far from the usual tourist tracks, we will have no other solution than to overnight in western style tents because no other accommodation is available. We will however do our best to offer you the best available service. For this a special jeep will accompany us with camping and kitchen equipment. We pride ourselves on the level of comfort we provide while camping in these remote areas, but camping is not for everyone. It is important to remain open-minded and physically willing.
You could mix three different types of accommodation to experience all of them. Please contact us for further details about accommodation. We will suggest you based on your personal wish and budget.



Mongolian climate can be described as extreme continental dominated climate with short warm summers and long, dry and very cold winters. Known as Land of eternal blue sky, the country averages 257 cloudless days a year, and it is usually at the centre of a region of high atmospheric pressure. The average temp in summer is 15°C, in winter -22.3°C.

Mongolian is a windy country especially in spring. When wind blows from north, temperature can drop sharply, when wind stops the wheatear warms up quickly. Even in high summer depending on which region you are in you might need all season clothes. One minute you walk in T shirt and sandals next you might need coat and boots.


Traditional Mongolian typical food is fried or cooked mutton with some garlic and onions. As well as we eat diaries and heavy meal seasonally due to our radical climate of cold long winter and hot dry summer. But in the city we eat beef, many types of vegetables, rice and flour with many ingredients. Nowadays our food culture is becoming more diverse and you can easily find international food restaurants in cities.

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